Bamboo Reusable Mesh Bags - Plastic Free Shopping (set of 3 or 6) Good Karma Mart
Bamboo Reusable Mesh Bags - Plastic Free Shopping Good Karma Mart
Bamboo Reusable Mesh Bags - Plastic Free Shopping (set of 3 or 6) Good Karma Mart
Bamboo Reusable Mesh Bags - Plastic Free Shopping (set of 3 or 6) Good Karma Mart
Bamboo Reusable Mesh Bags - Plastic Free Shopping (set of 3 or 6) Good Karma Mart
Bamboo Reusable Mesh Bags - Plastic Free Shopping Good Karma Mart
Bamboo Reusable Mesh Bags - Plastic Free Shopping (set of 3 or 6) Good Karma Mart

Organic Cotton Mesh Reusable Produce Bags

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  • Made from super sustainable Organic Cotton fiber
  • Significantly higher strength and elongation as compared to standard cotton yarn
  • Mesh structure enhances breathability and allows ethylene gas to escape - keeps fruits and vegetables fresh longer than plastic bags 
  • Tare weight on the label to make checkout easy
  • Color tags to identify the bag size 
  • Machine washable and reusable. Line dry the bags after washing.

 Sizes :  L : 12" x 15"  |  M: 10" x 12" | S: 8" x 10" 

Our reusable mesh produce bags are made from 100% organic cotton. These bags are strong, durable and retain shape better than other natural fibers.

Our motto is to make a “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” lifestyle more affordable and eliminate the need for single-use plastic. All our bags are ethically sourced with highest quality standards. We price our products competitively and never skimp on quality. Our designs are simple and user-friendly. Earn good karma by saving our planet for the future generations!


Our reusable mesh produce bags come in two different sizes for all your needs. The mesh structure and color tag on the bags help with easy identification.

  • Small (Yellow) – 8” x 10” – suited for tender berries & greens
  • Medium (Green) – 10" x 12" – Great for storing peaches, lemon, shallots
  • Large (Blue)  – 12" x 15" – Perfect for heavier produce like onions, potatoes and apples
  • Extra Large (Red)  – 14" x 18" – Perfect for high volume / bulk buy and storage 

Our bags are lightweight, though not as light as the single-use plastic produce bags. Every bag is tagged with tare weight so the cashier can deduct the weight of the bag before pricing the produce.


Our bags are perfect for your grocery shopping and produce storage needs:

  • Reusable and washable bags to carry fruits, vegetables and legumes
  • Breathable mesh structure helps to reduce molding and extends the life of your fruits and veggies in the fridge.
  • Organize limited kitchen space by using the drawstring to hang the bags with apples, onions and potatoes
  • Keep greens fresh by simply dampening the bags before filling

While our bags are mainly used to shop and store fruits and veggies, their uses are limitless. Use our bags to organize your pantry, toys, clothes etc.


Use our produce bags as an alternative to plastic produce bags available in store. Pull the drawstring to keep the produce within the bag. Ask the cashier to reduce the tare weight of the bag when paying for the produce.

Our bags are durable and can last a lifetime with proper care. Machine or hand wash the bags in cold water and line dry them when it is time for a wash.

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United States United States
Works Perfect

slowly but surely trying to eliminate the amount of plastic i use. Glad i found affordable yet durable bags such as these to help accompany my grocery visits.

Chelsea S.
United States United States
BRILLIANT bags and PERFECT execution!!

I love these produce bags! Grocery shopping became a bit more fun, thanks to these bags! I even get compliments for using these bags. They are so sturdy, feel super nice and cool to touch. I use these bags to store my veggies in the fridge and I already see that they don't mold up as quickly as when I kept them in the plastic bags. I feel good knowing that I am doing my small part in helping the planet. The customer service is impeccable with prompt responses and speedy delivery.

James A.
United States United States
Bamboo Mesh Bags

Very good, they are so light when I had them in my back pocket I almost forgot them ! It was great to not use plastic bags that I throw away !! I use them for everything, not just produce. Jim

Tanya T.
United States United States
BEST reusable bags out there!!

These reusable bamboo bags are INCREDIBLE! The sizes the bags come in are perfect for all my needs. Are easily stored away without taking too much room in my bag and are very travel friendly. The thickness and material of the waffle weave is beyond an amazing quality. The bags feel strong and can carry any all produce without any worries of ripping. The TARE tag on the bag is very helpful for the cashier so I do not get charged any extra. The order arrived packed tight wasting no space, no plastic, open and your ready to use. There is such quality workmanship with these bags and with proper care I can see lasting for years! LOVE these bags! Buy these - you will not regret it!!

United States United States
Holy grail of bags

I was a Kickstarter Backer trying to reduce my daily plastic waste. On Kickstarter you get used to lackluster or half-baked products. However, that was not the case with these. The bags Arrived in a small box, tightly packed to save waste and very minimal wrapping, given its bags you don't need a lot anyways, lol. AS soon as I took the bag from the box I was impressed. A strong fabric, light and soft, and as my daughter says "they smell nice". The bags immediately replaced the plastic produce bags in my fridge and on shopping trips. I am over enthused about not only that well-made feel and durability, but also Its aesthetic. they have a simplistic beauty and feel that makes me wish Id gotten a few more at first. The tags showing how much it weighs is a great add on though I don't use it much in my purchasing. The weave works well as it allows carrot ends to poke through with zero damage to the bag. Truly a diamond in the rough product from a pretty awesome company. I'm keeping my eyes open for what else they make that's for sure!