5 Reasons to go back to Bar Soaps

Natural bar soaps are coming back to limelight with so many varieties available in the marketplace. Here, we explain why you should consider ditching the shower gels for some humble old-fashioned bar soaps.

1. Bar soaps are ECOFRIENDLY

They usually contain less chemicals, no preservatives and most importantly, come in plastic-free packaging. You can pick up a natural handmade bar soap in cardboard packaging or even find it 100% packaging free in certain stores. Just by switching from shower gels that invariably come in plastic bottles and are likely tossed when done to these simple bar soaps, we can reduce our plastic usage. Containing lots of water, body washes are also much heavier than bar soap, resulting in a significantly higher carbon footprint for transportation. 

Did you know?  We throw out more than 552 million shampoo bottles every year. Almost 20 times more energy is required in product packaging for plastic soap bottles than producing cardboard or paper packaging for bar soap. 

Bar soap with soap bag

2. Bar soaps are EXFOLIATORS

Want to simplify your shower routine? Instead of washing with bar soap then following with a body scrub to exfoliate, there are bar soaps that double as physical exfoliants. We have seen coffee grounds, oats, seaweed, sugar and many other natural ingredients added as exfoliants. I have super dry skin so I welcome the extra exfoliation, all without microbeads of course. Even a regular bar soap can be converted to an exfoliator by using these textured soap pouches while showering. The friction created by rubbing bar soap against your skin can also be more effective at removing visible debris like dirt. Scrub these hypo-allergenic organic cotton pouches with the soap inside directly on your skin and you just saved some time.


3. Bar soaps are SAFE

Companies have encouraged the notion that using liquid soap is more hygienic. However, research shows otherwise. Apart from being made of simple and natural ingredients, studies have concluded that washing even with contaminated bar soap is unlikely to transfer bacteria, especially if the bar gets rinsed off between uses.

4. Bar soaps LAST LONGER

Is your body wash always running out? You may find that a bar soap will last you longer. While you don’t need to use more body wash to get the job done, the fact is that most of us squeeze out way more product than we need. With bar soap, you’re less likely to overdo it. Using one of our eco-friendly soap pouches to store your bar soaps in shower can extend the lifespan of these soaps. These soap pouches reduce breakage and wastage. They bags also hide the sometimes unsightly image of slimy and mushy used bar soaps. When the soap becomes a sliver, just put in the bits and pieces into the pouch and easily use every last bit!

5. Bar soaps are VERSATILE

Bar soaps these days come in many different formulas.  You can find bar soaps meant for dry skin, ones that are intended to manage body acne, sensitive skin, and more. With increasing popularity of bar soaps, we now see many beautifully designed bar soaps in every range of color, scent and texture. These soaps can brighten your day and make showering even more fun!