5 Brilliant ways to use muslin bags in the kitchen

Our organic cotton muslin bags are the best $10 investment you will make for your home and our planet. They are so versatile, easy to clean and will last you a lifetime with proper care. To clean, all you have to do is machine wash/hand wash and line dry! Here, we give you 5 different ways to use our muslin bags:

1. The perfect produce bags to shop and store fruits and veggiesWe made our muslin bags to be a great alternative to those flimsy single-use plastic produce bags in grocery stores. Our bags can carry a lot of weight, hold produce of different sizes from small berries to large melons. Being made of organic muslin, they are breathable, allowing for ethylene gas to escape and keep produce fresh for longer. They also prevent bruising of tender fruits and greens. We love them and we are sure you will too!

2. The ultimate bulk shopping companion – Do you buy your legumes, lentils, grains, nuts and snacks in bulk? Then, you have no reason not to own a set of muslin bags. With the draw string mechanism and tare weight sewn in, you can easily and safely bring bag home all your bulk goods in our light weight and eco-friendly muslin bags.

3. The nut milk game-changer – There is nothing more delicious than a smooth, rich and creamy nut milk, be it almond, oat, coconut or cashew milk. You can easily make nut milk at your home with these muslin bags. Soak some nuts and blend them. Pour the blended milk into the muslin produce bag and keep twisting, squeezing and tightening the bag to get every last drop of precious milk out of your pulp.

4. The magic sprouter - Sprouting increases nutrient levels such as protein, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and vitamins C and K. You can sprout nuts, grains, and seeds like garbanzo, peas, and lentils using a muslin bag. Place your ingredient of choice in the bag, soak overnight, then drain. Hang the bag on that oh-so-convenient drawstring, rinse it in fresh water once a day, and, after a few days, you’ll see tiny, sprouts begin to emerge.

5.The fool-proof cheesecloth Now you can make some cheese at home. Use the muslin bag to remove whey from cheese curds and hold them together as the cheese is forms. RicottaFarmer's, and Goat Cheese are three types of cheese that can be made at home using the muslin bag. You can use it to make tofu, cream cheese and thicken yoghurt and sour cream. Queso blanco and queso fresco are Spanish and Mexican cheeses that are made from whole milk using cheesecloth. Paneer is a kind of Indian fresh cheese made with cheesecloth. The uses are limitless. Don’t forget to toss the fabric in the wash when finished!